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Celebrate Your Juneteenth

I was really surprised by how few Juneteenth invitations there were for sale on the internet. I got on Google and thought “There will be plenty, right?” No, not so much. So, it was time to add to the numbers. Because, really, Juneteenth should be visible and celebrated across friends, families, neighborhoods, and entire communities.

I’m African-American and I know that freedom is such a big concept inside the Black community. So much so that I really just want to capitalize it every time I use it: FREEDOM. Juneteenth as the June 19th celebration of freedom from slavery (insert discussion about degrees of freedom, ongoing fights for equality, and challenges to voting right)...but freedom from slavery.

Knowing that your ancestors endured more than you could ever imagine, were considered physical property, and could barely dream of the life you have today, is more than enough reason to celebrate Juneteenth. It’s a chance to proudly display your freedoms, your heritage, and all the things your ancestors could have dreamed for you. It’s a chance to creatively express yourself in music, poetry, clothing, and every other form of art. It’s a chance to discuss history, and activism, and the roads to progress.

Don’t let anyone tell you that your celebration has to be just one thing. You can party and you can plan. You can barbecue and you can organize. Your Juneteenth is whatever you want your Juneteenth to be.

The set of products I designed are meant to help you enjoy your celebration and make it clear that Juneteenth should be recognized across the country and is very real. (After all, if something has invitations and napkins on the internet, it can’t be anything but real and true. At least, that’s the way I think.)

This Juneteenth party set is designed to have a very modern feel. I figured because there weren’t so many invites out there that I’d start with some core design reference points that would work for any given celebration. That meant red, black, and green and direct.

As soon as your guests opens this invite, they’ll know what kind of event it’s for. The design is enough that they know their favorite wood-carved jewelry or African fabric dress will be welcome the second they step on the scene of your casual get-together. The modern lettering style also lets it hold up to a larger or more formal event (where their jewelry and African fabric dress will be equally welcome).

Your freedom is everything. The right to determine the course of your own life is everything. And, celebrating that fact is your right.

I’m offering you a set of items to help you do that. Here are just a few:

An invitation to get everyone ready:

Paper Napkins:

Paper Plates:

A matching t-shirt:

I’ve made many more options, for you. Click here to see the rest of the collection. Go get your favorites and have a wonderful Juneteenth.

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