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Christmas in July Flamingo Style

You should know that flamingo Santa wrapping paper exists in this world and that I illustrated it specifically for you. Take a second to see how you feel about that. If it fills you with a sense of joy…perfect. If you’re thinking “noooooo…” it’s okay to leave this blog post and escape the horror.

(did they leave?)

Okay. Hello to all my Flamingo Santa people! Let’s talk about how we get your Christmas/Christmas in July that extra bit of flamingoing flamingoness. Neither of those last two were real words, but that’s okay. Why, because it’s Flamingo Christmas!

If this Summer, you’re ready to have a Christmas in July at the pool or Christmas in August on the beach, this wrapping paper is a great way to surprise a guest or friend with something special.

I’ll tell you more about the full collection of items in a later post. But, today I wanted to show you the wrapping paper. Why? Because it’s featured all over Zazzle today! (They made a special image for it. Thank you, Zazzle.)

The wrapping paper’s on their homepage, advertising, and more. It has a Facebook ad and everything. Fun right?

A bit of the making of:

When I drew this illustration, I really enjoyed putting the flamingo in its Santa outfit. The biggest part was thinking about exactly how a flamingo would wear the outfit. It needs its wings free for flying, so no sleeves required. (Yes. I do think about flamingo comfort in holiday wear.)

Now the illustration is ready, and on wrapping paper, it's excited to head your way.

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