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Have a PhD Graduation party

Someone may have told you that people don’t have PhD graduation parties. That’s a lie. Graduates actually do celebrate their final degree, and they have a good time doing it. You, your friends, and your family deserve to mark the completion of this journey. And, you know that it’s been a journey.

So, you’re thinking: “Okay, Melissa, people have those parties, and I could even have one as well. But, I don’t know where to start. I don’t have time to plan something like that. And, where would I even find what I need?” Let me show you where to start, what to get, and how little time it can take.

Step one - Click on this invite, customize it, and add it to your cart:

Step two - Grab the matching plates and napkins:

Step three - Grab a keepsake for yourself and your family:

What you have, now, is enough for a simple party. Of course, there are more wonderful items that you can add to your celebration. They are all available in the matching collection below:

So, take a breath, and realize you’ve got your graduation party set up and that it took less time than your dissertation defense.

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