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It's time: The Big Sale!

This is big. Thanks to Zazzle (the print-on-demand company that makes sending your products possible) I'm able to offer you a special sale.

Usually a designer's store has a few products that are on sale. You might be able to get a deal on a pillow or a mug, maybe both. And, that sale happens on every designer's mugs and pillows.

But, that's not what's happening today. Today, this special discount is happening at the Holidayday Design store! It's a deal that can't be found on the Zazzle website.

So, starting today and going through January 31st 2020 (PST):

All mugs - 30% off

All pillows - 30% off

All napkins - 30% off

All guestbooks - 30% off

And, it doesn't stop there. Every single product in the Holidayday Design store is 30% off!

This is a storewide 30% off sale!

If you've been imagining a party with matching invitations, napkins, paper plates, stickers, and more then this is your chance to get it at a fabulous price.

So, you're thinking: Great! I like that! How do I get in on this sale?

It's really simple. Use any link on this website to go to the Holidayday Design store and shop as you like. Then, at checkout, enter the promo code: 30PERCENTOFF

The sale ends on January 31st 2020 at 11:59pm (PST). Keep in mind I don't control the clocks at Zazzle, so last-minute 11:59pm shopping is at your own risk.

(Also, keep watch on the blog. During the sale, I'll be creating some "secret" products that aren't visible on the main store. You'll be the first to ever see them. Eventually, they'll find their way in, but you'll know them before they were famous...)

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