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Octopus Baby Shower Theme

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Your octopus baby shower is ready and waiting. This shower theme has everything there is to love about an under the sea party with a focus on a certain, fabulous, eight armed sea creature.

A shark baby shower invitation showing a Mom and baby shark in a blue ocean

The Octopus Baby Shower

Aquatic, intelligent, dynamic, an octopus is a star in the ocean world. So, it's time to bring that type of magnetism to your baby shower. But, where to start?

Start with an octopus invitation that includes a super cute baby octopus, being lifted up to see the world by a larger parent.

(This invitation has been awarded as a Editor's Pick gold star over at Zazzle)

Add octopus paper napkins to your event to carry on the theme. They'll add a special touch to each baby shower table and they also act as a simple keepsake for your guest. They're easy to put in a scrapbook.

After your amazing baby shower, you'll be so happy that you'll feel like thanking your guests. The gifts will be much-needed and thoughtful, and you'll want to let your guest know. That's when these thank you cards will be exactly what you need.

You can see the whole Blue Ocean Shark Baby Shower Collection below:

Have a great shark baby shower and if you're looking for a different color scheme, check out these other octopus baby shower designs

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