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This shark face mask just reached a new level

I tell you that shark face masks are a good idea. And, maybe you think “Yeah sure, Melissa. You tell me all kinds of shark stuff is a good idea.”

This is true and I mean it every time.

But, this time it’s not me. It’s Zazzle, the company that prints Holidayday Design products on demand. They think that your buying a shark Christmas face mask is a good idea. They didn’t just say it in words. They made a video ad to prove it!

Now, Holidayday Design’s lovable little sharks share the stage with snowmen, polar bears, and (wait for it)...the Grinch!

But, that green holiday-nabber isn’t getting our presents unless he can deep-ocean swim! (Benefit of shark Christmas!)

Go check out the zippy video that Zazzle made with your favorite shark in a Santa hat face mask. It links to the Christmas face mask section at their site, the shark mask is near the top.

Or, head straight to this face mask, and check out the video, later.

(If you’d like this mask before Christmas, you need to act fast. Otherwise, it’s a great post-Christmas, holiday memories, winter mask. There’s always an excuse for shark accessories...always.)

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