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Last-Minute Christmas Gifts - Part 2

Now, this is where we take a different approach. Right now you can see Christmas on the horizon and you’re envisioning yourself fighting through a crowded, local, big box store. Your victory looks like getting your loved one something that’s still available, that you’re not sure they’ll like, but it was there and you honestly tried.

What if there was another way? Not by going to a different big box store, but by changing the rules of the overall game? Ready?

Give them the gift late!!!

What! But, I can’t do that. They’ll think I’m an awful person. They’ll think that I’m irresponsible! They’ll think less of me and secretly love me less!

(First, I think that last bit is taking it too far. Someone who loves you will still love you whether their gift is in their hands on Christmas or a few days later.)

Second, there’s a way to do this that still hits the important marks. This will involve some quick online shopping, a blank card or nice paper, and a pen of your choice. You see where this is going.

Step one: You’re going to write them a message, in the classic style.

Here’s some starter text to help you along:

Merry Christmas, NameHere,

I love and cherish you so much that I found you a wonderful gift. But, it can’t get here by Christmas Day. I love you so much that I would rather get this gift to you late then pretend that I never intended to give it to you. I refuse to give you a lesser gift just because it has better shipping times. You mean more than that to me. So, stay in the Christmas spirit a few days longer because your holiday isn’t over yet! What could this surprise be? So intriguing. So mysterious.

Step two: Get a warm beverage, you enjoy, and settle in for some less time-stressed Christmas shopping. I, of course, am going to encourage you to go to the Zazzle website because of its deep list of customizable items. But, to make it even simpler, here are some great starter options:

Step 3: Purchase complete, go find your person. Bake them their favorite cookies or offer to watch their favorite Christmas movie and give them your handwritten message. Celebrate how special they are to you and promise them more of that celebration to come.

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