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Last-Minute Christmas Gifts - Part 3

Instead of simply grabbing a last-minute gift, you could make giving them their present into an experience.

Imagine if you sat down with them, showed them what you’d found, and then you two created their gift, together. Now, it’s not a last-minute gift. It’s a chance to bond and talk and share in making something they will cherish.

This is an opportunity that Zazzle provides. If you are both in the same place this holiday you can sit at the same computer, tablet, or phone and design your item, together. If you’re at more of a distance, Zazzle has a collaboration feature that lets you two see the same product for designing.

So, you can go over to Zazzle on Christmas Day and let making this gift be part of the holiday experience.

On Zazzle you can start from scratch with a blank product or start from a customizable design. It’s your choice. But, for this Christmas Day gift, I’d suggest you start with a customizable product. Your goal is to have fun creating a gift, together…not learn the detailed nuances of a design interface. Plus, starting with a customizable product means more time for hot chocolate, later.

Here are some links to product options:

A Christmas Photo Blanket - create real-time nostalgia by adding photos from this year’s Christmas. Or, create a blanket with photos from a previous year. -

A Monogram Photo Mug - choose three photos and your custom wording. -

A Glass Christmas Ornament - great to admire in January and beautiful for next year’s tree. -

A Photo Pillow - an easy, decorative keepsake that features a favorite photo -

Once your done, simply add your creation to your cart, checkout, and Zazzle will print and ship your loved one’s gift!

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