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Why to have a Til Death do Us Part Wedding

Everyone wants their wedding to be special. But, most people also want their wedding to be ordinary. You know the type of wedding. It’s the exact kind that an AI bot would envision if you said “Generate image of a happy wedding.”

It’s a nice wedding. But, it’s not your wedding. You’re not really the one for a wedding that makes everyone nod their heads in agreement. The type of event that has the whole-hearted approval of the people who you will probably never see again. One that meets every expectation they had of a nice wedding. You want something more.

So, instead, let’s talk about creating your wedding. This is a wedding that isn’t for anyone else. It’s not about what someone else will think or approve of. It’s about the two of you and this very official way of starting your lives together.

Bolder, moodier, more dramatic. A singular and memorable wedding that is clearly your own. It can be the kind of wedding that the people who know you will say, completely reflects who you are. It will also keep the people who don’t really approve of you from ever attending the wedding.

That’s not a loss. Plus, that means fewer table settings and a lower catering bill. You’ll miss out on any number of comments that didn’t need to be part of this big day. The people who do attend your wedding won’t be the ones who are worried about how being there will reflect on them. Your guests will be the ones that want to celebrate you.

A Til Death do Us Part wedding is an affair that lets you test the creativity of wedding industry specialists. For example, most bakeries make any number of white wedding cake with delicate lace details. How many get to make a black chocolate cake with skull details? The most creative bakers are waiting for a chance to do something artistically different. Look for the baker who smiles when you explain the concept. Look for the baker who smiles, darkly.


If your wedding involves a bride or any other person who wants to wear a dress for their wedding ceremony, black dresses can be far less expensive than traditional white ones. Black dresses also come in far more style options. A black wedding dress can be reworn all the time without anyone thinking about it having walked down an aisle.


There’s also a kind of beautiful practicality to a Til Death do Us Part wedding. It takes the time to recognize a simple truth that most weddings do everything they can to gloss over. We, human beings, do not live forever. Your love is beautiful, powerful, true. Your lives on this earth, together, will be finite.

That’s not something to mourn. It’s something to cherish. Everyday of your lives, married to each other, is special. It’s part of a limited-collection of experiences. It’s not something to take for granted. You know one day that you will part, but until then, you will love and cherish each other.

The Emotional Experience

A Til Death do Us Part wedding allows for such a wide range of emotions from you (the engaged couple) and those around you. It’s not just happiness and happy crying. Your wedding is an emotional experience. You won’t know the existent of your emotions until you are in the moment.

In a traditional wedding, you risk well-meaning people discounting your emotions or demanding that you respond in a specific way because you don’t want to “ruin the wedding”.

But, they are forgetting that the day is not actually about The Wedding. That’s an event. The day is about the love and deep emotional impact that you binding yourselves together produces.

A Til Death do Us Part wedding is already moody and open to a wider range of human emotion. If the events of the day reach you so deeply that you have to scream…your Til Death do Us Part wedding is here for that.


This type of wedding frees you up for all kinds of interesting and unique choices. Your venue, your ring choices, your music. Walk down the aisle to mournful violins, death metal, a friend singing a specially written song. Walk in dead silence. Really lean into the theme if you want. The degree of how your wedding plays out is up to you.

You don’t have to be anybody’s stereotype of a person getting married. Not from your wedding, to the photos, to your outfits, anything.


Now, let’s take about price. A Till Death do Us Part wedding theme takes a lot of really expensive wedding invitations off the table. They are too lightly floral to hold up to the vibe. Now, you may be thinking “But, Melissa, I want expensive wedding invitations!”

No, you don’t.

Take one deep breath, then think about it, again. You really want to spend a bazillion dollars on your wedding invites? Money you could spend on any other part of your wedding, or the honeymoon, or absolutely anything else?


The invite and matching suite, I’m going to show you are made for this kind of wedding and can be made even more fabulous with your choice of fancy paper and edges. It’ll still be less costly than those really expensive wedding invites.

(Pro-tip: Get the regular paper versions to send to your guests. Get a copy or two of the really nice paper versions to save as keepsakes for yourselves.) Why? Because your guests are never going to reminisce about how nice the paper for your wedding invites was!

Okay, I just needed to get that off my chest for your sake.

What I’m saying is, I want you to have a wonderful wedding that you love. A wedding that doesn’t leave you financially bankrupt. A wedding that doesn’t leave you feeling that you did it someone else’s way out of a sense of obligation.

Have your Til Death do Us Part wedding. Use this invitation suite to seal your fate.

A black and gray wedding invitation suite for a Til Death do Us Part wedding

This wedding suite is made specifically for your wedding. It is dark, floral, and moody. The collection includes an rsvp card, details cards for all of your information, and a thank you card.

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