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Have a Shark Wedding

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

I’ve heard, possibly, that sharks may be having some type of week...

Well, if they do and it happens to be this one it would be rude not to celebrate.

Shark (time period that consists of seven days)!

In honor of it, I’d like to tell you why sharks should be on your wedding guest list, in your wedding party, and giving the first speech at your reception...

Or, at least be on your wedding invitations!

Today, I will be making the “formal” case for shark wedding invitations. Now, if you go to the better known wedding blogs, you aren’t going to find them. They won’t pop up with the latest trends or be a theme suggested by a bridal magazine. That just means that these stealthy invitations are racing under the surface, silent, focused, and ready to strike! But, in a celebratory kind of way!

There are so many reasons to choose shark wedding invitations for your nuptials:

Reason One: Your Venue

With the chaotic wedding venue grabbing of the last few months, those traditional halls and outdoor spots are being snapped up fast. Instead of pushing back your wedding date and hoping something opens up, shark invites allow you to forge a different path. Of course, you can choose a beach wedding at any beach. But, also, what about a really great wedding at a local aquarium? Wedding pictures in front of the large ocean tanks are honestly beautiful.

What about a poolside wedding at any picturesque pool of your choice? For example, a nice hotel pool? Or, a friend’s pool? Or, one at an AirBnB house that you rented specifically because it had a great pool! Shark invites will mean that there is still space in this world for your wedding without your having to compromise your dream date.

Reason Two: Color Scheme & Floral Freedom

With a shark theme, you don’t have to match your bridesmaids’ dresses or flowers to anything! There are many beautiful floral wedding invitations and if you love those, go and get one. But, if you were only going to choose those because other people like them and you wanted to make those people happy...stop. This is your wedding, it runs by your rules.

You can still, easily, have flowers at your wedding. It’s just now, you don’t have to be so serious about it. Choose a color scheme...change your mind. Consider roses...but choose carnations. There weren’t any flowers on your wedding invitations, no one can prove that things aren’t going exactly to a perfect and orderly plan! They’ll just be breathing a sigh of relief that there isn’t a shark in the bouquet. (But, if you want, there could be a shark in the bouquet!) Just saying...

Reason Three: Kids Love Sharks

That doesn’t seem like a thing to consider, but think about it. How many kids have you seen get antsy at a wedding or any other formal event where they have to stay still and wear restrictive formal attire? At a shark wedding...set up a kids’ shark play area off to the side or give the littlest guests stuffed animal sharks to hold during the ceremony. Less crying, fewer parents giving apologetic glances before lifting up their tiny person and hurrying the kid away. Go a step further and get bonus points: Have someone in a shark outfit dance at the reception. (Remember left shark at Katy Perry’s halftime show?) Sharks have moves. Let the kids dance around a shark at the reception as it breaks it down on the dance floor!

Reason Four: The Wedding Photos

A shark theme is an excuse to take really campy wedding photos. You may be thinking “but I want my wedding photos to be dignified!” Do you? Or, do you want most of your wedding photos to be dignified? You could have a lovely collection for your family...and a funny collection for your friends! Your one year anniversary party could include a photo montage of “that time the bride saved her future husband from the jaws of that shark” or “how the two of you rode a shark away from the wedding...very fuel efficient.”

Reason Five: The Menu

It’s an easy reason to serve all kinds of seafood. Anything a shark might eat, your guests could, too. Sushi, whole fish, fried fish. Turn the buffet or fully-catered meal into an under the sea feast. (Have some complementary options for the vegetarian/vegan, allergic, or seafood hating.) But, for everyone else, drive in!

Past the above list of reasons, a non-traditional theme means you can change anything else you want and people don’t really blink. Shark-themed comments in the vows? You’re good. Best men wearing shark socks? You’re good. Bride wearing shark-themed or seashell jewelry? You’re good. Take it further. Have your nails manicured with little sharks. Find more ways to take it further than that!

Your wedding should be fun and memorable. Plus, a shark wedding theme cuts down on the stress. Do the flowers have to be perfect? No, shark wedding. Is it a disaster if the reception runs out of bread rolls? No, shark wedding.

So, how do you start in on this lower stress, more fun, wedding theme?

It’s easy. Grab the pieces of this shark-themed wedding invitation suite and its matching wedding items:

There. You did it. It’s done. Have a sharktacular wedding!

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