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Have a Shark Baby Shower

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

You're ready for your baby shower. But, what theme should you choose?

How about a shark theme? It's unique and fun.

A shark baby shower invitation showing a Mom and baby shark in a blue ocean

The Shark Baby Shower

A shark theme is an adorable way to celebrate your upcoming baby shark. A strong and powerful woman and her strong and powerful baby deserve nothing less. With a shark theme you can go from catchy shark songs to Sharknado movies. The world is your oyster...umm...shark. The world is your shark.

First, you can start with this cute invitation. A mom shark and baby shark smiling at each other in a blue ocean. This invitation will set a feel for the baby shower and get your guest ready for something shark-tacular.

Shark place cards will help to define your table layout and let people know where to sit! These place cards have space for you to write your guests names. This will give your guests a little keepsake to take home with them.

After your amazing baby shower, you'll be so happy that you'll feel like thanking your guests. The gifts will be much-needed and thoughtful, and you'll want to let your guest know. That's when these thank you cards will be exactly what you need.

You can see the whole Blue Ocean Shark Baby Shower Collection below:

Have a great shark baby shower and if you're looking for a different color scheme, check out these other shark baby shower collections

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