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Get face masks quickly

Something new is going on at Zazzle. They have a new program where they are pre-printing their bestselling masks. What does this mean for you? Let me tell you.

Now, you can get your cloth face masks faster. Each of the chosen top seller masks can be shipped out within 48 hours or less. Normally, Zazzle items are printed on demand, which takes more time to start shipping. Now, these face masks are ready and just waiting to head in your direction.

What’s special for Holidayday Design is that one of our masks has been selected. It’s an Editor’s Pick awarded and bestselling design. Now, it’s a select member of the Click & Ship pre-print program.

This blue and white, nautical, anchor pattern mask can be yours. Even better, you can now grab 5, 10, or 20 masks and get them fast.

If you’d like this mask to be your go to day-to-day mask, I’d suggest getting at least two. That way you can wash one and have the other ready to go when you need it.

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