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New Fonts on Zazzle

As a customer, I don’t know how much time in your life you spending thinking about fonts. I’m guessing it’s someplace between 2% and 0%. Because, you know, life is busy and you don’t need to add more to your plate.

But, as your illustrator and designer at Holidayday Design, I think about them all the time…even more so in the last few days. Why? Because @Zazzle, the company that prints my designs on products and offers me a wide-range of items to design on, has updated their font options with new & very modern script options.

It’s exciting times.

Look for a range of new items in the store with the new fonts. Also, many of Holidayday Design’s existing items have been updated to new, yet similar, fonts. If you notice the change…you may secretly be a graphic designer. Otherwise, you can enjoy the new hotness without pointing at your screen and shouting “Aha! That g has a 10 degree deeper tilt!”.

Expect me to dive into design variations with the new fonts and test out new ideas. It’s new fonts time at Holidayday Design and everyone’s invited.(Get ready to see phrases like “line weight” and “san serif”.)

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