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Holidayday Design joins the $20k October Designer Challenge

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

An exciting thing about this August is that Holidayday Design and its sister store Sweetsham Food Art have joined the $20k October Designer Challenge!

What is this challenge, you ask? Get comfortable and I’ll tell you all about it…

Imagine that a group of designers (who sell their products through Zazzle*) decided to test a bold and audacious idea. What if they could make $20,000 in the month of October by selling their designs on Zazzle? Keep in mind, these designers aren’t big businesses with tons of staff, a marketing department, and the rest. They are independent designers, running their businesses solo (and in one case: a husband and wife team).

What if they had just two months to gear up and rise to the challenge?

What if they were moving forward toward their own success, but also in it together?

This challenge is no small feat. It’s a chance for each designer (and their stores) to stretch and innovate. Simply creating what we already create, doing what we already do, isn’t enough to meet this new level. It’s time to get creative.

Over the next three months, expect to see new designs, products, and more at the Holidayday Design store. Check out its social media and this blog to keep up to date with the exciting newness. Also keep your eyes out for new featured and spotlighted products.

Full disclosure: I’ve never had a $20k month at Zazzle, before. I don’t know exactly how I’ll get there, but I am going to try. (Insert Yoda Star Wars quote here…) Star Wars quote not withstanding, I’m putting my heart into the challenge and I hope you will join me as I innovate and grow Holidayday Design for the occasion.

And, more than anything wish all of us designer/participants luck. October…here we come.

* This challenge is not being put on by Zazzle and they are not affiliated with it. That’s probably important to say, someplace, so I’ll say it here.

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