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What type of Thanksgiving are you?

So, Thanksgiving is on its way, and you would really like people to come over and eat that turkey. But, what invitation matches the celebration you want to throw?

Here’s a quick guide:


A warm, thankful day of family and food. You’re planning to use autumn colors in oranges, reds, and browns. You want to build the Thanksgiving that every kid remembers. These are the invitations for you:


You have the type of circle (friends or family) that likes a direct approach. Simple and funny, no frills. Call them to the dinner table, without apology.


You know what’s missing from Thanksgiving? Sharks. Tell me that they wouldn’t love the turkey! This shark Thanksgiving invitation is cute enough to be fun for the kids and a great excuse for the adults to wear shark stuff. Be thankful for each other...then watch Jaws and Sharknado, or listen to Baby Shark afterwards.


You like clean lines, and want your dinner to stand on its own. Here are the invitations for you:

Whatever type of Thanksgiving you choose, have a happy one. Click on your favorite invitation, and go have a look.

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